the Highland Clearances had a devastating effect on the local community - let's not let it happen again

Get involved

This is a great idea, but it needs help to become a reality—from a lot of different people.

First, we need a fund. The URC has committed £100,000 towards the trust—a great start. We need £500,000 to become work at our full potential.  We believe there are people who will contribute, because this issue is such a crucial one for Arran, and across Scotland. Local employers have an interest in a housing system that works for all, including people on low wages.  Government, central and local, need new solutions to a long-standing problem.  And high net worth individuals recognise that this is a productive way to make their money work for good.

Funds may be directed to the project either as gifts or as loans. Gifts will attract tax relief under the Gift Aid scheme for individuals or companies as appropriate. Loans will be attract low or limited interest—this is not an investment scheme, but a charitable venture.

We need the support of the community. The problem of affordable housing is one that has been a live issue on Arran for many years. Arran residents have pushed hard to secure new solutions, and new social homes for rent are being developed.  Whitebeam Homes supplements this work, and has the support of local providers and the local authority.  We will set up a local group to ensure this national initiative stays close to its local roots.

We need skills to help us. If you support our objectives and have skills we will need, we want to hear from you. We particularly recognise the need for expertise in financial matters, conveyancing and surveying, and housing management.