Key Partners

This proposal comes from three partners:

Scottish Churches Housing Action

Scottish Churches Housing Action (Churches Housing), a national charity with the slogan No Room for Homelessness! Churches Housing encourages churches to make redundant or under-used property available for affordable housing, and worked closely with the URC in their plans for the Sannox site.

Sannox Christian Centre

Sannox Christian Centre (SCC), a new charity which recently acquired the Sannox site. Over the coming years, it will develop a Christian house of prayer and worship at Sannox founded on principles of personal devotion to God, hospitality and service to the community and mission to the wider world.

United Reformed Church

The Synod of Scotland of the United Reformed Church (URC), former owners of the Sannox church. The URC has a long-standing commitment to delivering more affordable homes for Scotland. They have contributed a significant sum
from the receipt for the site to get this initiative underway.

The Sannox Story

Sannox Congregational ChurchSannox Congregational Church fell into disuse as a place of worship in 1976, though the manse remained occupied until the mid-1990s, and the neighbouring building continued to be used as an outdoor centre.

By 2006, the United Reformed Church (URC), owners of the property, realised that a radical approach needed to be taken. Strongly supporting Scottish Churches Housing Action and the view that churches have a responsibility to the communities in which they are set, the URC Synod made a decision to pursue affordable housing as a use for the site.

Following intensive investigations, it was recognised that this was not possible due to planning considerations and the nature of the location. The URC agreed to sell for development of a retreat centre, the Sannox Christian Centre.

Both the Synod and the Sannox Christian Centre retain a strong commitment to affordable housing for the island, and the idea was born of realising the original vision in a new way.